New data in April 2021

Since the go-live of the Census database, the portfolio of tables has been expanded for several themes: In the Buildings and Dwellings sections, tables with the variables Year of construction (decades), Year of construction (two-decade period) and Dwellings in a building (three classes) are now available down to the municipality level; in the section "Population in brief“, tables with various age structures and citizenship breakdowns are offered down to the municipality level.

Newly published are the variable combinations Dwellings: Type of use of the dwelling - Ownership form of the building - Dwellings in a building and Dwellings: Type of use of the dwelling - Equipment in dwelling - Type of heating in the Dwellings section. In addition, in the section "Population: education, employment, migration" you will now find tables with three subject variables.

If you miss specific data, please use the Regional Database of Germany or contact the Census information service.


The data basis for Germany

For the first time since German reunification, a register-based census was used in 2011 to determine how many people live in Germany and what their housing and working conditions are like. In the census database published by the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder, you can retrieve the results of the 2011 Census in a flexible and easy manner. Under, you will also find detailed information on the legal basis and the methodology of the 2011 Census.

The upcoming Census in 2022 will be the second register-based population census supplemented by a sample survey and combined with a census of buildings and housing. These results will also be published in this database. The statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder will keep you informed about the preparations and the current time schedule of the upcoming Census at

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